Save for reward points and free presents! When your flag reaches a present, a message will be waiting for you right here!


For every purchase at InterFlag, you get reward points. That means: free presents! Every time you purchase something, you raise your flag up. When your flag reaches a present, you can pick a free gift. We have many gifts waiting for you and we can’t wait to surprise you with them!


  • You will collect 1 point for every €100 spent.
  • This € 100,- may also be divided over several orders.
  • Everytime you reach a gift, you can choose between 3 gifts
  • A higher flag, means better presents.
  • This promotion is valid annually from January to December. Every January your flag starts from the bottom.



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We only sell to resellers. For this reason the prices are not publicly available. If you are interested in our prices, just call or email us so we can help you. If you register, we will review your information and within 24 hours you can log in.


Custom beachflags are not meant to be used with our proprietary pole sets. Beachflags are very sensitive to a perfect fit. We have spent a lot of time working on this to get it done with our own pole sets. If you want a flag for a pole set from another supplier, we lack this experience and the chances of a good fit are much smaller. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a fit on beachflags outside of our own.

That doesn't mean we can't make them. You can format the file in the template as before. We will then just make them for you at no extra cost. The webbing will normally be made of elastic. This material has literally and figuratively a greater flexibility in the suitability for different poles.
Flag material cannot be compared with paper. In some cases, the structure of the fabric causes ink to bleed slightly. You can only see this if you have your nose on it, but that is of course how you do not use a flag. The flag looks beautiful when it is hanging in the flagpole
Yes, this is normal. Our materials are stretchable, this means that the format always deviates slightly during assembly, when it is hung up or when it is laid flat. We always try to strive for the exact size, but in some cases there may be a deviation of up to 5%
Yes, we have a partner for this. So we can offer you the complete product. The frame cannot be ordered via the website. Of course you can call or email us about this.


On average, the life of a flag is 3 to 6 months. However, this is highly dependent on the weather.

Therefore, we recommend that the flag be taken down from the flagpole at wind force 6. Of course, if the flag has to weather a storm, it may well blow in one day.
From wind force 6 there is an increased risk of wear. We recommend remove the flag off at wind force 6 or higher. If you won't do that, there is a good chance that the flag will fray on the outer edges.


You will automatically receive a track & trace from us once the order has been sent. With this link you can monitor the status of your order. DHL always delivers between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm for standard shipments. In addition, there is also an option to offer the package before 11:00.
This is no problem at all. We are fully equipped for this because we only act as a wholesaler. Your name of choice will be on the label as a sender. Your customers are yours and although they will use our products they are not our target group, you are our target group. Abusing this costs us more than it yields and in any case you will be a better contact person for your customer than we can ever be.


You will always receive the invoice after we have sent the order.
The payment period is 30 days after receiving the invoice.


Flags are user products that will have damage. Under bad circumstances, the flag can damage within a day. Because we have no influence here, we give no guarantee on the flags.