Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok


Digital print gloss polyester/Longlife

We work with different processes for digital print fabrics such as gloss polyester and Longlife. That means that we adapt our production to your needs. This can even be shipped or picked up the same day via our sameday process.

Below you find a table with the production days. 

ROUTE: PRODUCTION DAYS: EXAMPLE (shipping-/delivery day):
Sameday 1 Monday - Monday
Rush 2 Monday - Tuesday
Regular 3 Monday - Wednesday
Budget 7/8 Monday - Wednesday (week 2)

Digital print decotex/backlit

The decotex and backlit display materials have a fixed production time of 3 days until the opening of our new building (end of 2019). That means if you order it on Monday, we will ship it out it on Thursday. In the future we want to have a look if we can produce this faster for you.

Screen print

We also have the option of screen printing the products. Due to the different phases in the screen printing process, it has a longer production time than digital print. This includes printing, washing, drying, etc. The production time is approximately 2 weeks.

Stock products

In addition to the fabrics, we have a large number of products in stock. This includes beach flagpoles, beach flag feet and mast accessories. These products have a delivery time of 1 day.